Sunday, June 2, 2013

Washington, Week 4

This week was...exhausting. Physically, spiritually, and mentally. To be honest, I don't remember most of it. I think I blocked it out or something.
Tuesday I was on crutches all day to try to keep the weight off my foot. But they were the kind that go around your wrists. They HURT so badly! My hands got to the point by the end of the day that I literally couldn't use them a single time more and I had to just walk without them. But then I hurt my foot even more, so that was not so great.
Anyway, that day we went to see Jerry again and he told us that it was his last day working at the group home, so we lost him as an investigator, which makes me really sad. But we did give him a Book of Mormon and he told us to call him, but we will have to refer him to the missionaries who serve in the area where he lives. But he says he only wants to be taught by us, so...we'll see how that goes.
Wednesday we did service in a non-member's home. We're hoping that she will become an investigator. She's been accepting reading assignments from us in the Book of Mormon. It's just really hard for me to go there because she smokes inside her home and she also has cats. So...I started having an asthma attack as we were leaving and I had to rest for awhile.
We did have a good experience with a couple of less-active ladies in our ward that night though. They are cousins and live together and they really love us. We took The Testament dvd to their house and watched it with them. They both got emotional, so that's a good sign. We're working on getting them to come back to church. I think they're close.
Thursday was zone conference and that ended up lasting all day. 9-5.
But, the highlight to my week took place Thursday night! We had a lesson with the Abrego family that we met last Saturday and who came to church on Sunday. The mom (Blanca) and her 13 yr old daughter (Tiffany) are SO prepared. It is just amazing. Blanca cried and told us that every time she reads from the Book of Mormon and she hears us teach she just feels like she's "come home". :) It's wonderful. She and Tiffany said that when they receive an answer about Joseph Smith and about if joining the church is what Heavenly Father wants for them, then they will get baptized. I'm guessing they'll commit this week. I sure hope so! They also came to church again yesterday! Yay! We just have to work a little more with KT, the 19 yr old. But I'm sure she'll see the happiness it brings her mom and sister.
Friday we met with Jen Bowhey and her husband Steve. They told us that they decided that Steve will baptize Jen when he receives the priesthood. So, I'm hoping that he at least will get baptized this Saturday. We are hoping and praying!
Ellen, the 11 yr old that we've been teaching doesn't follow through with her commitments and her mom told her that she couldn't go to church, so I'm thinking we might have to drop her as an investigator, which also makes me sad.
Friday night we went on an exchange with our sister training leaders. I went to Kirkland with Sister Morgan, and Sister Goodrich came to Edmonds with Sister Redford. So all day Saturday we were on exchange. This was the hardest, most draining day of my mission so far. We walked a total of about 4 hours, meeting rude person after rude person. It was beautiful, but people are just not nice. In 4 hours of tracting we came across only 1 potential investigator. We walked and walked and climbed hills and driveways so steep, I almost had to use my hands. That night after I got back home to Edmonds, I just crashed on my bed. I was so exhausted and just felt like crying. And yes, I'm still very sore ;) But, from this experience I have become SO much more thankful for Edmonds! I LOVE it here! People are so much nicer and I am just so, so thankful to be here!
Also, yesterday we spoke in church. I kinda felt like I was all over the place, but a lot of people told me thank you after and that it was really nice and they really liked it. So, I hope it really was and that they weren't just being nice ;)
So anyway, that's my week. I am so thankful for this new week. I know that it will be so much better and that we are going to have success! I'm SO thankful for prayer and for the great power of the Comforter. Thank you for your prayers and your support! I love each of you so much! :)
Love Forever, Sister Stanley
Washington Everett Mission

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