Monday, June 10, 2013

Washington, Week 7

Well, this week was transfers, and both I and Sister Redford are staying in the Edmonds area. This means that on July 1st, we will become part of the Seattle Mission. This also means that this transfer will be 8 weeks long instead of 6 weeks because Seattle is on a different transfer schedule than Everett.
Not a ton of excitement went on this week. Tuesday we stopped by Judy's again. We hadn't seen her in a little while and I guess she's been having a rough time with things. Tomorrow we are going to start the stop smoking program with her.
Wednesday was zone meeting and Sister Redford and I are now the only sister missionaries in our entire zone!!
Thursday morning we got a referral from It was for a lady and her 13-year-old daughter and it said that they are very interested in joining our Church. We have gotten a hold of her on the phone, but haven't been able to meet them yet, so hopefully that will happen this week!
On Friday we had an appointment cancel, but hopefully we can get in with him soon!
Saturday we met with Blanca and Tiffany. Tiffany has been wanting to pray in the woods, so we met them at a park that we found a couple weeks ago, and we let her pray there. Then we taught Tiffany about the law of chastity and also tithing and fasting. She committed to living both. She also told us that she wants to push her baptism back because she wants to learn more. Yesterday we introduced her to the Young Women and they were very welcoming and got her sign-up sheets for youth conference and girls' camp, so hopefully that will help her too!
That morning we also got a call from Jerry telling us that he is working Saturdays at his old job here in our area and that he wanted us to come over. He also told us that Sue Kelly had just gotten out of the hospital that morning because she had minor heart attack. We got a couple men in our ward to come give her a blessing, then we visited a bit with Jerry. He is very interested in the Church, so hopefully he will commit soon. :)
That night for dinner we ate with a part member family. The mom and 2 kids are members, but the husband is not. After dinner we shared a message with them, just like we always do after dinner, and he kind of got really frustrated and an argument started with him kinda raising his voice to no one in particular (but looking at his wife), so we just kind of sat there. Then the 12-year-old boy, who is just the cutest, said, "This has gotten kinda awkward. I think this is more of a personal thing that we should talk about later." It was very cute. Anyway, I think we ended up leaving on a good note, and he wants us back for dinner....kinda weird, but that's OK. ;)
Yesterday Blanca was confirmed and received the holy ghost! :) It was so great and the ward has been so welcoming to her! Also, last night was cottage meeting (Pres. and Sis. Wilson's last one before their service is over). It was bittersweet, but the Spirit was strong there. Jerry told us he took his nice clothes to work so that he could come, but then his replacement didn't show up, so he couldn't come. That was disappointing, but it's OK. He'll have other opportunities. Blanca came though, and she liked it.
Well, that's about it for this week.
Thank you for your prayers and support! You all mean so much to me! One thought from this week that I wanted to share is that we need to notice the miracles that are happening all around us every single day. Recognize them, record them, and more will come. :) The same goes for missionary opportunities. :)  I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Stanley
Washington Everett Mission

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